Draftworx FAQ’s

Our Draftworx FAQ’s should help supply answers to any of those frequently asked questions you may have. If your question isn’t answered here please complete the form below and we will get back to you with an answer.

Draftworx Prac is an annual license subscription per user, which includes various Financial Templates(Frameworks), Working Papers (Methodologies) and access to our super heroes in the Draftworx support team. We can be reached by phone, e-mail and live remote support, directly from within the Draftworx application. Draftworx pricing and list of templates are available at www.draftworx.com.

Draftworx allows for unlimited number of users, however the pricing is based per user per annum.

You can create unlimited client files per licensed Draftworx user.

One of the key components when developing Draftworx was ease of use, new users find the “Draftworx Training Videos” and “Draftworx User Manual” which are freely available more than adequate and accessed at www.draftworx.com under “Training” or directly within the Draftworx application by clicking on the icons “Training Videos” or “Draftworx Manual” found on the main screen, we also offer classroom based training if needed.

Yes, you can import Trial Balance directly from most of the popular accounting packages i.e. FNB Instant Accounting, Pastel Partner, Pastel Xpress, Sage Evolution, Sage One, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, Xero and Caseware, however Draftworx also supports direct imports from excel therefore if you have a client using an accounting package not mentioned above, simply export to excel and Import into Draftworx using the Draftworx “Import spreadsheet” tool.

Included standard in Draftworx are the following financial statements, IFRS, IFRS Consolidation, IFRS SME, IFRS SME Consolidation, Close Corporation, Body Corporate, Trust, Partnership, Sole proprietor and Monthly Management Accounts.

We also offer various Working papers (Methodologies) Audit lite+ (includes Estate agent methodology), Review, Compilation, Accounting officer and Attorney trust.

Yes, Draftworx allows a Practice to create their own custom templates and make use of these moving forward.

Yes, Draftworx has multiple options that supports working remotely:

  1. Draftworx desktop allows you to save your client files on your local drive or setup a remote location such as your firms server/shared remote folder ie. One drive/Dropbox, the client file to be worked on remotely can be booked out of the server/remote location to the clerks local drive if needed, this loads a copy of the file to their local drive and locks the server/remote file so it is not accessible. Should something happen to the local drive the copy that is locked can be unlocked for use. The files loaded on ie. One drive/Dropbox can be booked out to your local drive or used as usual if an internet connection is available.
  2. Draftworx WebSync is a shared firm location on our Cloud based servers where your firms client files are saved. This allows multi user access to all your firms licensed Draftworx users to simultaneously access and collaborate on your client files (this is limited to 1 person per document in the client file, various users can work on the client file at the same time on different documents) as long as the user has an internet connection.
  3. Draftworx Cloud, is a purely cloud hosted version of the Draftworx solution , there is no installation needed simply login through your web browser, and is accessible from anywhere in the world from any device as long as an internet connection is available. We also allow simultaneous collaboration of documents or financials in real time by various users on the same document.

The Draftworx support team are available easily through the following channels:

  • “Remote support” this instant chat facility is located within the Draftworx for easy access and instant assistance.
  • E-mail us on support@draftworx.com
  • Call us on 0861 51 52 53 (within South Africa) or +27(0) 11 201 2204 (Outside South Africa)

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