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Effortlessly share, manage, request and store files from your clients and collaborate with teams with greater ease than ever before. All simply through a browser from any device, anytime, anywhere!

Draftworx Cloud grants you access to your financial statements and working papers through your web browser, enabling quick efficient collaboration with team members and engagement with clients from anywhere and at any time. Ultimately, by reducing the need to travel and eliminating geographic boundaries, it allows you to focus on adding more value to clients through advisory services.

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  • Zero software installations required
  • True collaboration
  • Seamless integration with Draftworx Desktop
  • Full cloud-based Financial Statements, Working Papers & Auditing from any device with internet access
  • Share, manage, request and store files from your clients with ease
  • All files uploaded to Cloud are automatically backed up to a Tier 1 data centre

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