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We are proud to announce the upcoming availability of our digital signatures platform “Draftworx DigiSign”.

Arranging for the approval and signing of contracts is time, effort and money lost. Draftworx DigiSign is a secure, digital signature workflow solution that enables you to send your financial statements to clients for approval without ever leaving your office (or home). Once a signature is fixed to the document and returned to sender, the document will stand up in a court of law.

More details.

  • Integrated digital signature workflow process, including rejection and acceptance processes
  • Comprehensive set of reports, providing a concise overview of all digital transactions conducted
  • Enhance the audit trail by logging every interaction with a document
  • DigiSign provides totally secure signing with legally enforceable digital signatures, backed by strong multi-factor authentication
  • Create a completely paperless environment that is cost-effective and environment friendly.
  • Replace all paper-based processes with digital processes which feature enhanced user-accountability.
  • DigiSign powered by SignFlow cryptographically protects all documents from fraudulent tampering after it is digitally signed.

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