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Use Draftworx R.A.C. Audit to minimise over auditing, eliminate missed objectives and ensure you’re always ISA compliant.

Draftworx R.A.C. Audit is a dynamic auditing methodology built to streamline your engagement, leveraging technology that automatically adjusts your working papers based on prior information. Its scalability makes it the perfect methodology for an audit of any size, from small investments to the largest corporates. Draftworx R.A.C. Audit is the most convenient way to ensure that you comply with International Standards on Auditing.

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  • Includes an optional quality control manual, to ensure in-house and engagement compliance
  • Cycle based audit approach prevents overlap or repetition of audit procedures and enables the creation of procedures that cover more than one component at a time
  • Incorporates ISQC1 documentation into the R.A.C. template documents, with other external non-engagement documentation available in .pdf
  • Visual Management Reports
  • Flexible engagement approach

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