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A flexible approach to the engagement process, Draftworx Working Papers puts all the tools you require in one convenient space.

Draftworx Working Papers not only maintains and records all evidence obtained during an engagement, but it incorporates powerful document management, real-time collaboration, direct scanning, an electronic/online review process, sophisticated lockdown and advanced roll-forward into its intuitive design. Each file also contains a complete set of lead schedules which are automatically generated and updated for any trial balance or journal entry changes.

More details.

  • Provides template working papers for every scenario, as well as helpful examples
  • Electronic review process allows for convenient insertion of electronic signoffs, as well as raising and tracking completion of review notes
  • New or existing Word, Excel, PDF or image files can be created or imported into the engagement
  • Comprehensive file creation includes full set of (Lead Schedules, Audit Programs, Reports & Documents)
  • Engagement standardisation and compliance
  • Centralised digital document management
  • Document Signature Request
  • Drop in and automation of current methodology working papers

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